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Qual é o teu horóscopo de viagem? 27/02/2007

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Travel Horoscope for Sagittarius

When you travel, you want to experience the journey as much as the destination.
You want a vacation that really immerses you in a culture.
You should travel:

By train, across all of Asia
With the Peace Corps
As a foreign language teacher
On an around the world ticket
Spending a few months in one place

What’s Your Travel Horoscope?


4 Responses to “Qual é o teu horóscopo de viagem?”

  1. alegrão Says:

    Travel Horoscope for Aries
    When you travel, you literally want to see a whole different world.
    You want a vacation full of adventure 😆 , exotic sights 8) , and tons of variety :P.

    You should travel to:
    New Zealand

    Marcamos encontro na India e Tailândia? 😉

  2. Hindy Says:

    Travel Horoscope for Taurus

    When you travel, you demand the best. You desire total luxury.
    You want a vacation full of pampering, delicious food, and the ultimate in comfort..

    You should travel:

    To any Four Seasons hotel
    Via a luxury cruise
    To world class cities like Paris and London
    To any five star spa or resort
    Via a private jet

    Beijos 🙂

  3. wind Says:

    O meu é igual ao teu 🙂

  4. jacky Says:

    hmm muito interessante 🙂

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